Good service as always. Internet speed is good, device battery lasts easily the entire day, and price is reasonable.

Ordered Item(s):
Softbank Wi-Fi 17 days

good and practical way to be connected

Reliable and courteous service. CD Japan Rental is where I always get my pocket wifi and I have never had issues. I'm a very satisfied and forever returning customer

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S23

滿意,但是在靜岡山上景點旅遊的時候,都完全沒訊號 電池持力太短

Device used:
iphone 13 pro max

Unfortunately i do not recommend this product, the 4G worked very slowly at the beginning of the year before I started having issues with the sim and took it to an Apple shop to help me log back into the sim . This would happen monthly . I thought it was because of my English phone but she I swapped it with a Japanese phone it was the same . Then it cut out completely and although it says it works and 4G is on . It still won’t work out and about . The 2 other girls who also bought this returned a lot earlier and got money back but I just didn’t use internet and silly me stays the whole year .

Device used:
iPhone 13 MLNC3J/A

Very convenient service. The rental wifi was at my hotel in Tokyo upon arrival, therefore I could skip waiting in a long line while jet lagged. The portable wifi itself was small, never had a problem with service, even when I took it to Kyushu for an adventure. Will use this service again in the future!

Ordered Item(s):
Softbank Unliited WiFi

良好的寄出和送回服務。有部份時間信號不是很好,網速也沒到很快,打手遊的ping 值就很浮動,也會出現卡住。發現信號就算在東京市內也不能長期5G,大部份時間都是4G,也可能是因為一直在4、5G中間跳,電量用得很快,早上9點開機,經常下午5,6點就沒電了,這點有點困擾,要跟手機電池搶電量。如果電量能保持起碼一天半就完美了。

Very convenient and efficient service.

Ordered Item(s):
Cloud Air Pocket Wifi

Very easy to obtain. CDJapan shipped the item to our hotel as requested (since our plane came in quite late). It was hassle free and simple to return as well.

good overall, had signal issues in akihabara area

Ordered Item(s):
Cloud Air Pocket Wifi

So easy to use, simply switch on and connect. Had great coverage, with only minor issues when in very busy areas (theme parks) or in deep tunnels

Fantastic, never any problem. A cheap and honest service .

Fantastic service and brilliant product

The delivery and drop off process was very convenient. However I noticed that the Wi-Fi’s battery does not last for the entire day.

Having mobile WiFi in Japan as a tourist is a must. When I arrived in Japan I managed to use Haneda's WiFi to plan out my station trip to Ueno where I would be staying. My WiFi device had already been delivered to the hotel the prior night and all I had to do was to pick it up, set it up (takes 2 minutes) and I had internet access for my entirety of my Vacation. Amazing little device with a very good battery life (upwards of 15 hours). At the end of my 3 week vacation I just dropped it off in the Haneda Airport post box before doing my flight check-in.

Device used:
OnePlus7T HD1907

I received the portable wifi with a flat battery. The battery continued to cause me issues the whole two weeks of my trip, so I had to take my powerbank with me everywhere. On the last few days the device did not charge at all which caused a lot of problems for me.

The pocket Wi-Fi was great. The rental and return was easy, it worked great all across Japan. On 2 or 3 days the unit ran out of power during the day in spit of being fully charged, but otherwise worked great,l.

Handy, small enough to carry around and not heavy device, working well, the service was great, I have found no limitations.

It was easy to use and the instructions in English were very clear. It was easy to pick up and easy to drop off. I especially appreciate that there was a warning on the instructions that you could not get to a post office after going through security. It helped prevent me from not being able to drop off the wifi box. I would use this rental service again. The wifi also had enough charge to last potentially 10-12 hours of continuous use.

Very good service, easy to collect, easy to use and easy to send back. Overall great experience

Device used:
iphone 7

A very fast and effective service from cdJapan. Feedback from the company regarding the rental of the wi Fi router was concise and all deliver and return logged. Download speeds were excellent all over the areas I travelled. All up an exceptional experience.

I have used it for over a couple month, worked excellently, even on Mt. Fuji which was surprising. Customer support reply was quick and helpful always. 10/10

Great service, communication and delivery. I have used CD Japan each time I visit Japan and will continue to do so.

Device used:
Motorola android phone Moto g32

Good service and convenience.

Maybe due to my location, no 5G network can be found, but even 4G, the speed seems relatively slow.

Having the wifi we rented from you was so essential and really helped make our stay in Japan so much easier and enjoyable. We highly recommend it for all people visiting.

Ordered Item(s):
Softbank Unliited WiFi


Although I have used this service several times previously, the unit sent this time had poor performance. Many times it would disconnect the clients for no reason. At least 2 times per day it would overheat, and once it claimed the SIM card was invalid (shutdown, reinsert SIM and restart resolved the issue). Please check this unit to see if it is operating normally.

I found myself very well. pocket wifi working fast and with many gigs at a very affordable price

Device used:
I phone 23 pro max

The device is a bit old which heats up quickly, and the device connection plug is a bit loose. But, no issue with power charging and functionality. The device is delivered early. This is actually my third time using this service but my first time having the 200GB device.

It was very convenient to pick up and return the device. We have travelled to over 20 prefectures in Japan and there was no connection issue anywhere.

Very useful, delivered on time and at a very competitive price. Not the latest hardware but totally functional and reliable. Great service, thank you.

Device was not useful and internet servecies disrupted time and again, i was displeased to use the device and was stuck due non functional device. Regret yr device was of not much use. Grateful pls refund the charges fully

Ordered Item(s):
Cloud Air Pocket Wifi

Service corresponding to my needs: fast internet, no data transfer. Everything as informed on webpage.

Very Good Service.. Very Good Coverage.. There was some problem with one of the device and the same was promptly replaced at our destination

The device worked during our 24 days of Japan vacation more or less all right, but there were few issues bugging the experience a bit: - the battery is good, but still sometimes it is not enough for a day trip, - I noticed several times it switched off without my intervention, - access to the Internet sometimes was of very low quality (speed, general feeling), and it seemed to be pretty random (not necessarily dependant on the location). There are no logs accessible on it, the "display" is just a few LEDs, web interface is limited only to the usage display, so no possibility to diagnose what caused the above.

Device used:
Xiaomi Mi 9T M1903F11G

預約方便,也能提早送到飯店。 此外因為對日本不熟所以輸入的飯店地址錯誤,但CDJapanRental會協助找到正確的飯店地址很貼心。 但目前開放的機場借還服務還是太少,如果能在機場借還會更加方便。 最後也希望能增加Wi-Fi 分享機的選項。

Ordered Item(s):
Cloud Wi-Fi 200GB 6 days
Device used:
iPhone 14 Pro

Reliable and easy-to-use wifi rental service! I had my wifi device delivered to my hotel. It arrived on time and was ready for me by the time I checked in. I had no issues during my entire stay. The wifi device was light and the battery lasted a long time. Returning the device was easy as well since all I had to do was insert the device in the mailbox before leaving Japan. Thank you again, CDJapan!

Device used:
iPhone 14 Pro Max A2894

Ordering the wifi hotspot through CDJapan was just as easy as it was the first time I used the service pre-pandemic, and the device worked pretty much without any flaws. I'm thankful for having this easy to access service because it makes exploring Japan during vacation a lot easier and stress free being able to access the internet for maps, directions, random translation help, etc.

The device was performing very efficiently and the ordering process was quick as well as the communication from CD Japan. I am very satisfied with the rental service and speed.

Device used:
Samsung S20 FE 5G SM-G781B/DS

Wifi routed had great connection with no problems at all! I went to sapporo/sendai/tokyo and none of the places had any issues. I was also having work meeting on one of the days on zoom for 3hours and it was very smooth with no hiccups. Only on first day when I first used it at narita it didn't really connect good idk why but when I returned on last day back at natita it was good again! The battery was great too it could last me the whole day, even on one day I was out for 12hours I did charge it at around 10h mark with around ~30% just to be safe but I'm sure it could have lasted till I get back to hotel too! Highly recommend!

Wi-Fi was waiting at our hotel in Tokyo. It provided excellent signal with unlimited data for a month of travel throughout Japan. Only in tight canyons in Shikoku did we lose coverage briefly while navigating. We would recommend this service to anyone who uses data traveling in Japan. We will 100% use this service again when we return to Japan in the future.

Have used this service many times over the years and have found the company to be very reliable, a competitve price, easy to set up and use. Also very good communication, responsive to queries and notifications. Thanks

The portable wifi package was waiting for me at my hotel at Haneda Airport when I arrived, fully charged and ready for use. Since I was travelling to a number of more remote places and places I'd not been before, I aimed for the maximum coverage rather than maximum speed. The speed provided was still more than enough to watch 1080p video on my devices.

Fan tastic servioce, was there in our hotel as romised and charged, ran all day without issues, and return was easy - just find a post office box. one at Tokyo Airport!

Device used:
Oppo Samsung A34

Fast, easy, and smooth online transaction. The device is compact with stable connection.

Easy to use. Item was waiting for me at the hotel. I had no trouble accessing google maps, youtube and the general internet. Easy to send back.

great price for this service. internet speeds were better than most. would recommend this product. and we will use it again. on our next trip back to Japan.

Easy to book and the wifi device was delivered ahead of my arrival. Simple to understand instructions helped since the device menu was in Japanese. Returning the device was simple with included envelope and prepaid label.

Easy to set up after collecting SIM cards.

Device used:
Oppo AX5s

We had the CD Japan Rental delivered to our first hotel. Delivery was made on time and the device was waiting for us. We were in Japan for two weeks and traveled hundreds of miles. The Wi-Fi worked flawlessly the entire trip and was worth every penny!

Device used:
iPhone 14 pro max MQ8N3LL/A

The device worked perfectly during the entire trip; I had zero issues at all. The speed was great for sending / receiving messages as well as map routes while out. The battery life was substantial and lasted all day. The return process was also very simple. I will surely use for my next trip to Japan.

Nice and easy No issues at all

Device used:
iPhone se No idea

Using your pocket wifi was absolutely perfect for our needs. Good strong signal for many many metres and the battery easily lasted a full day and late into the evening with heavy use. Really good service coverage right across Japan including remote rural areas of central Kyushu. Will definitely be using again!

Cheap and very reliable

It was easy to use and it was very useful for the trip in Japan. Although I hope the company can clean the Pocketwifi before giving it to a new customer. It was covered in something looking like glue with dust on. I used antibac to clean it to be safe as I did not know what it was.

Device used:
Samsung s10

It was nice and convenient !! I was very happy !

Great Service.Great coverage in the Tokyo area

Very easy, affordable, and great service! The pocket WIFI worked excellently the entire time I was in Japan. I am SO glad I rented this handy little device through CDJapan. Pickup and drop-off was easy, and the entire experience was excellent. Would recommend!

Very convenient, pocket-sized and lasts for a long time! Our family of 4 people was connected to wifi the whole time in Japan and lasts about 8 hours (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) but we had our own powerbank so everything was good. I liked that there was no daily limit so we could freely upload our live videos as we go without worrying about reaching the quota. Pickup and return were easy too! The only downside is the line was quite slow when we were at Tokyo DisneySea :(

Absolutely positively impressed by the service. Pick-up and returns were as smooth as they could be and the device never let me down. There was an issue with the charging cable, not connecting properly, that led to incomplete charges. Yet, their customer service replied to my email in a matter of an hour and in 48 hours I had a new charger delivered to my hotel. Brilliant service and customer care.

The rental payment is too high

Device used:
iPhone 13

我覺得WIFI機相當好用,無須設定就能用,網路速度也不錯。 小缺點有兩個 1. 電池可能比較舊了,需要持續充電不然很快會沒電 2. 只能看到每日累積流量,不能看到整個月的總流量/剩餘流量。 不過結果而言我大概只用了100GB多一點,沒有造成大問題。

I used the mobile wifi rental, but I actually wanted to try the e-sim option, but could not find on the website how to purchase. The rental service for mobile wifi was good overall. I have no complaints, other than not being able to receive SMS messages.

Device used:
iPhone 11 I don't know the model name

The CDJapan Rental service was easy to understand and worked as described. I had a reliable mobile hotspot for the duration of my trip. Returning the rented pieces was easy.

The 2-port USB charger was handy for charging another device simultaneously.


Easy to use and had good signal everywhere I went.

Excellent! Would highly recommend. A bit on the expensive side but still well worth it!

BEWARE. THIS COMPANY WILL THREATEN YOU WITH MASSIVE CHARGES IF YOUR RETURN GOES MISSING. The unit was delayed by the Post Office (no fault of mine), so was about 5 days late returning to CDJapan. In those 5 days, I received 2 emails threatening me with charges of 25000 Yen if the Pocket WIFI was not returned. The unit was eventually successfully returned. My advice would be: do not threaten customers if you wish for them to continue to use your service.... I will not use your company again.

Device used:
iPhone 12 Pro Max

I've used pocket wifi devices from CDJapan for years whenever I go to Japan, but Cloud Device I tried this time around was not very good. Slow speeds, dropped connections, bad charging cable. With so many other options and lowering costs of using a travel SIM, I will likely not repeat.

We have been to Japan four times and have always used CDJapan. Never had a problem. Their website is easy to use.

Great product and customer service. We've ordered a 100 Giga Pocket WiFi High Speed SoftBank for 16 days. The package waited for us in our hotel upon our arrival with clear instructions on how to use the product and how to return it. The Wifi was on all day long and we never had problems with battery running out (we usually arrived at night with about 50% battery left). In short, Highly recommended! Highly recommended!

wifi包裝用心 使用說明書 和如何歸還 都說明得很清楚

It is a great service and well organized. I used it several time and the delivery to the Hotel always works very well and returning the item is very easy. Devices work well and internet connection was at every spot very good.

I enjoyed using CDJapan's pocket wifi. It worked very well, on the train, where I was staying, etc. It was so useful and effective that I kept on extending my use of it, until I didn't need It any longer. The discount when I extended it was also a great incentive to extend my use of the pocket wifi.

It was great service.

Device used:
Softbank 無制限WIFI

Very good, reliable internet.


客服人員回應迅速並能作出有效的建議,對於客人的意見也很有耐心的解答並持續幫助,本人十分滿意。 只是個人認為CloudAir的網路速度即使在流量沒超過的情況下仍沒有到令人滿意的速度 對比Softbank Highspeed後,CloudAir變得可有可無。

Device used:
iPhone X

Rental process is very smooth and easy. There are no hidden costs, everything is clean and easy to adjust to your needs.

Quality and easy to use WiFi Rental service. Pick up and return at airport post office. Even if you didn't know Japanese, just saying "WiFi" or something similar, the staff will probably understand it. Had unlimited data plan with good speed and good battery life.

Very good. No problem.

It was far better than SoftBank Air in terms of connectivity, still there were time of delay in downloading.

Cloud Air has poor performance. Service was responsive

Very satisfied with the unit

Excellent service! I had no problems.

Great worked fine ! No dramas reciveiving the sun or returning !

Good pricing and I very much appreciated how fast the support responded to my questions and helped me. Very good service.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-J510FN

Easy to use wifi rental for a fair price.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S10 S10

Dongle worked well, price was very reasonable. The only places I couldn’t get reception were long tunnels while on the Shinkansen, which makes sense.

For our 15-day trip, we rented two CloudAir (150-GB cap) pocket wifi units. The most difficult part was choosing the right pocket wifi. Ultimately, the price points were reasonable to get these nearly unlimited devices which served our group of 6. It was very convenient to pick up in the Narita airport post office. Each device came with a little mesh bag, USB charger and cable as well as a pre-paid return envelope. The return was very painless. The instructions in English were easy to follow. I packed everything in the mailing envelope and deposited it in a mail box at Haneda International terminal. I received confirmation a few days later of receipt of all of the equipment. It was very painless!

Great service, I’ve used it on 6 trips to Japan. The customer service is flawless and flexible (my mistake on dates, not theirs) with prompt replies to email when you need it. Simply outstanding.

Device used:
iPhone 8 and an old iPhone 5c Not sure

Excellent value and coverage around all parts of Japan. Very handy and convenient. Take it wherever you go for wifi

Device used:
fujisoftbank portable wifi

I had access to wifi during my trip, so I wasn't using my data very heavily, but having 200MB/day was perfect for me and I didn't notice any throttling or speeds slowing down. I was using my dual-SIM phone (with an Australian SIM, texts & calls only, no data) and I didn't have any issues!

Device used:
Motorola Moto g7 power XT1955-4

Pickup and dropoff were very easy, and I liked the flexibility because I was arriving and departing from different airports. Between two users, the speeds were excellent. The battery life of the unit was perfect for an entire day's use.

Perfectly organized, everything very smooth & comfortable. Great service solution for travellers.

Device used:
iPhone SE ???

Good service and continous internet usage even when riding a subway.

Great service as always! Items were waiting at the hotel when we arrived, worked great and were easy to ship back.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S7 & iPhone 6 & iPhone 8

I chose the Softbank unlimited. Package waiting for me at Narita PO. Worked perfectly on a W7 netbook and a Moto G7 smartphone. 100% reliable for my entire stay. Very fast connection and retained charge for a long time. Pocket-sized. Handed in to Narita PO at the end of my stay. Absolutely brilliant.

Great item again. worked perfect all over Tokyo

Whenever we asked questions we received response quickly. Very satisfied.

Easy to use and instructions are straight forward. Quick email reply too

Device used:
Huawei Mate 9 MHA-L09

Everything was perfect. The router was waiting when I arrived, fully charged and ready to go.

Quick response with a friendly support upon arrival due to a size mismatch on the SIM and perhaps the best service I have used in all my visits to Japan! All information to enable the SIM cards was clearly explained.

Device used:
Asus Zenphone 4 ZE554KL

Customer service was outstanding and did reply very fast.

Really easy to use. Picked up at airport post office. Battery lasted the whole day and usually still on 50% by bedtime. Dropped off at same post-office. Very happy and definitely worth having

Always reliable. I’ve used this service > 3 times and it’s always easy to use, works exactly as expected and really helps with navigating in Japan.

The CDJapan pocket wifi service is excellent and as usual it was super efficient and good value for money.

Great to have access!

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S8

Package is easy to collect and easy to return. Clear instruction on the usage of the device. Price is reasonable. High speed and good connection most of the time.

Excellent service and easy set up, good information available. No issues.

Everything was clear and easy to manage.

Have used for a number of years. Excellent service & competitively priced.

It was great! I am very happy that I decided to rent that Mobile Wi-Fi gadget. It saved me a lot of trouble in Japan. I was absolutely free to move around, looking at the maps, searching for train schedules and local sights, chatting with friends, sharing photos, reading mail, and watching YouTube! My Russian mobile plan would not allow me to do it, it would probably run to the limit in a few minutes.

The router was enough to spend our stay without trouble. Even after exceeding the day limit, the reduced speed was enough to use maps. It's very easy to get and give back the router.

Great at usual. Reception is good almost anywhere, the package is always neat and easy to use.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S10+

Great speeds and long battery life! The process of purchasing the services was quick and easy. Picking up the package from the airport was also super convenient! My only suggestion would be to send the device/service notifications in different languages. I had about 22 notifications that I couldn’t read, because they were mostly in kanji.

Device used:
iPhone XR

Very good service. Was easy to use and manage. Will use this service again

Great and easy to use, the device was delivered to my hotel perfectly on time, and was easy to return at the airport. Internet speed was fast, and had plenty to spare at the end of the trip. Would definitely use again next time I'm in Japan.

Excellent as always... I only rely on your service whenever I am in Japan.

I enjoy using your rental service. The devices are easy to use.

Thank you very much for your service!

Fast, reliable and rather stable connection, even at the subway.

Device used:
Samsung S8

I've used your service two consecutive years now. Receiving and returning the device is so easy. The twin-USB adaptor that you include is really useful.

Device used:
Sony Xperia Compact and Sony Xperia Z5

Easy to order great communications and lots of setup instructions and tool to install to include a all postage paid return envelope with email reminders of return date. Luckily I stopped in Tokyo Disneyland first fo a couple of days so I was able to have it sent directly to the hotel and I received my sim card as I checked in. My final destination was Okinawa and they dont seem to deliver there yet. But overall Excellent service and sim work flawlessly though out Japan to include Okinawa. I will definitely rent again.

Device used:
Samsung galaxy s8+ SM-G955U

Internet was fast, pocket wifi was easy to use, and instructions were very clear. It arrived on time to our hotel.

I always love renting from CDJAPAN for SIM cards. The set up is easy, pick up and drop off is also very easy. But the only thing I had a difficulty this time was I rented 2 different kinds of SIM cards and I was not really sure which one was which. I wish they would label or write a message to the customers.

Device used:
iPhone iPhone 7 Plus

Intermittent internet service, however transaction was otherwise smooth

This rental service is top notch. The equipment I received was very high quality and never failed me. It is very easy to use and comes with effortless instructions. A life saver and must have for your trip to the beautiful country of Japan. I will used CDJapan every time I visit, no need to look for any other WiFi rental provider. They will take care of all your needs.

Device used:
iPhone 8 but used the mobile WiFi device not the SIM card!

Great service, sim card was delivered on time before my arrival in Japan. The envelope contains all of the required steps to use and activate the service. The sim served its purpose on my 2 week Japan trip with plenty of coverage which was great as I always needed to use Google Maps and check out restaurant reviews!

Device used:
Huawei P20

Prior to booking the website is an hit overloaded

A great and simple service as usual.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S8

Reliable and quick service. Not only did the pocket WiFi get to me quickly, but it also worked in all parts of Tokyo I travelled to. I can always count on CDJapan for fast, reliable service! Very satisfied!

Much better this time. I didn't have to keep restarting my phone to get it to work. Great Job!

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S6

Great service as always. Picked up at Narita Airport post office, it was charged and worked as soon as you turned it on and put the credentials in your devices. Battery life was great, and the coverage likewise. Very little if any dropout the entire time, even in Shinkansen tunnels.

Great service as always. I made a couple of mistakes 1, ordering it to start the day after I ordered it (I actually wanted to start it about a week later - when I arrived in Japan) and I needed an extra day. Both were easily dealt with. And setting up on my iPhone11 was really easy!

Device used:
iPhone 11 MWM02B/A

The pocket wifi was good and the 350 MB / day was more than enough to stay online, use maps and apps while hiking etc. Next time maybe make sure the Bus Ticket is also in the envelope though ;) Was not a biggie, thank you for refunding the money so fast! I will use your service next time I visit Japan definitely :)

Very happy about the rental. Worked perfectly. Easy pick-up at the Airport.

Great service. Fast reliable. Highly recommend for a couple travelling together with multiple devices

Very happy! Rented the pocket wifi for casual users, 350 mb. We used it mainly for maps of areas we were travelling to and for sorting out buses and trains on how to get there. Found the 350 mb to be sufficient. It also worked everywhere we went - Tokyo, Fuji-san, Matsumoto, Tateyama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima - as well as on all trains. Highly recommended!

The service was seamless, when we arrived at the Hotel , the pocket WIFI's were there . The system used to return the units is also made easy , by placing the units in any Post Box any where in the country. The system WORKS.

Device used:
Pocket WIFI's

This device was extremely useful to me in Japan, and I really couldn't have done without it.

great service, easy to use

Very good service, ave used this service before. Good customer relations

Very simple to use. Ordered via website. Picked up at Narita Airport. modem was already charged 100% and instructions were included. Very fast D/L speed and didn't lose connection even when traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka. Did have some slow connectivity in the subway, but we were deep underground and it was to be expected. Modem range was very good well over 100ft. Battery life is excellent, stayed charged all day with heavy use (Google Maps, and Youtube video streaming). Return was simple using the included return enveloped and just dropped off in the postal box at KIX airport. 10/10 use this service again. Highly recommend.

Good Price and super easy to use. You can send it easyli to your hotel and when it’s finished bring ist to the next Post Box.

It was very easy to order, I was keept up to date on every status of my order by e-mail, the possibilities to pick it in the airport up or get it sent to my hotel was very conviniend, easy to return and easy to use. Worked perfectly - thank you.

Very, very good. I rented a mobile Wi-Fi router for two weeks in Tokyo and everything worked great. Even though there was an issue with my hotel booking and delivery, CD Japan informed me immediately and managed for me to get my device in time. Thank you so much for that! The device itself worked super well, internet was always very quick and available everywhere I went. Battery lasted all day, even if switched on all the time. It sometimes switched itself off though, which was a little bothering, but I think it was the (really) hot weather's fault. Return was as easy and convenient as described. Really great experience and I recommend it and also will use it again any time. Thank you very much!

Received items at hotel as expected, and using the wi-fi was easy. Only problem is that it sometimes doesn't work on the subway, but that's to be expected. Returning was easy at the JP Post Counter at the airport (and it allowed me to use the wi-fi to the fullest extent).

I have used this service before. Always very easy to pickup and return. Very clear and easy to follow instructions.

Third time I use the service in the last 3 years and everything worked as planned.

Device used:
Samsung 10 plus

Quality of the service was very good. Connections with router are smooth, all connected phones and PCs worked perfect. Also the coverage was proper both in the big cities as well as in the countryside. The only small issue is the router in the offer has battery not sufficient for full day of normal data usage (communicators, maps, sporadic Internet browsing with no video etc.). You just need to have a power bank handy if you spent most of the day sightseeing.

I’ve been using CDJ rental service for years now every time I go to Japan and it’s always been reliable and convenient.

A must-have every time I visit Japan! Highly recommend it! Before learning about this service, we would periodically go to a Net cafe to use the internet, which was inconvenient and pricey. The pocket WiFi is extremely convenient! You can get high-speed internet basically anywhere and it is small so easy to carry around. I usually have it sent to my family or friend so I can pick it up, but it is also very easy to get it delivered to the airport, hotel, or Airbnb. It comes with a self-addressed and posted envelope so it’s easy to drop it into a postbox to return as well. Even if you don’t have cellphone service in Japan, you can use an app like Facebook messenger to make calls or send messages. If you have an iPhone, you can also send texts/iMessages over the WiFi.

Device used:

Great service! Thank you so much. The WIFI Pocket was delivered on time and made our holiday so easy and smooth, but the thing that we enjoyed the most was the super efficient and fast customer service, that would reply to our email queries within minutes and provided immediate support. We highly recommend using this service to everyone going to Japan.

Excellent service. I have used cdjapan twice, and I'll use it again next Time.

Device used:
Xiaomi M2 Lite

Very convenient delivery, both to and from the customer. And the mobile internet service works well and stably

Device used:
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Very good service! It's essential to rent pocket wifi when visiting Japan so that getting lost is not a problem anymore! Battery should have longer life for the day but you can opt to switch the device on just when in need. Overall I'm satisfied :)

Service was great. It was incredibly convenient to have a SIM card and wifi box during our stay -- wish such a service existed at an affordable price in the States.

Device used:
Samsung S8 G950U

I picked up the pocket wifi upon arrival at post office (Narita Airport). Set-up was fast and easy.The pocket wifi was the perfect solution for me, it was reliable and worked anywhere. Returning it with the provided envelope was fast and simple. I'm a so-called "heavy user" which is why I chose CDJapan.

Device used:
Softbank unlimited pocket wifi 303ZT (I think)

Fast.Easy.convenient. Will rent again.

Ordered it a few weeks before we left Australia, delivered to the hotel as promised and waiting for me when I arrived in Japan, easy to set up and supported several devices with no problems, easy to return just drop it in a post box plus you get frequent reminders for when it is due back and confirmation when it has been received back by CD Japan.

CD Japan is consistently one of the most inexpensive services, plus it's unlimited data. Also, it's very convinient as it's delivered to where I'm staying before I get there, and at the end of my contract I just drop the prepaid envelope in the post box. Between that and the tons of free WiFi services popping up in Tokyo, I don't need a different service.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S9+ SM-G965U1

I chose CDJapan due to the flexible and convenient pick up and drop off location. I also chose CDJapan because of their quick response time and ongoing communication during troubleshooting times and their 7day mobile wifi plan which was perfect for me and my circumstances.

Worked seamlessly the entire time. Ran out of battery one day after heavy use.

Very nice service and good quality!!

Device used:
iphone7 A1778

Extremely good and when one of the devices I rented stopped working, there was prompt and quick customer service to help me immediately get another device out.

Staff was very accommodating and sent the device to my dorm room. Very easy to set up, charged fairly quickly, and battery life was good. I got signal everywhere I went, which was nice. Sometimes the device would turn itself off and pressing the power button wouldn't work so I'd have to plug it in to charge so it would come on, then it'd be fine (but it would be fully charged). That's my only complaint. Everything was nice and convenient.

Brilliant. Worked everywhere we went in Japan (urban and rural). Fast, convenient.

The CDJapan Rental was fantastic! I always had service, and I don't think I ever overused the data so the service was never slow. It was very reliable and easy to use. The instructions were clear, and returning the SIM card was also easy to do. Overall, it was great.

Excellent service. This is the third time I have used CDJapan for pocket wifi and each time its been seemless - very easy to use and a great product.

Easy to get, use and return. Sounds like it's not enough at first but it was great! + the communication was good too. Thank you!

Device used:
Lg G5

Super easy. Picked up the rental at Narita airport, worked perfect, no issues.

Device used:
iPhone XS Max A1921

Easy pickup & dropoff. Internet via Wifi not always available.

Device used:
Smartphones & IPads Samsung J

This is second time I used CD Japan, very easy and straight forward.

Very convenient to pick up and return the WiFi equipment. Very portable and works well.

loved your WiFi rental service. Everything’s so clear and easy. It’s a must have for anyone traveling to Japan. I’ve been recommending your WiFi pocket to everyone I know who are planning to travel to Japan.

Device used:
WiFi pocket

Excellent, affordable, easy to use. Would recommend.

Service always worked fast! Enough data for maps and social media apps to get by for a day.

Device used:
Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950U

When I go back to Japan, I always rent JP Data Sim from CD Japan. I have not met any inconvenience so far. The usage of data is unlimited, and rental fee is reasonable.

Device used:
iphone 8

Second time using the service. SIM card arrived at the hotel by the specified date, and had no issues getting the card to work in the phone using the provided instructions. Service coverage was generally acceptable. Daily data limit at max speed was surprisingly easy to hit even with just using Google Maps and navigation, as it's not possible to pre-download map data for Japan- after hitting this limit the data rate was rather slow and required standing around waiting for things to load. I would recommend disabling as many background services using data over non-wifi as possible. I prefer the convenience of the SIM card over the "pocket wifi" devices, although the pricing and speed options for the latter have become more compelling.

Device used:
Motorola X4

Service is prompt and accurate. Speed is pretty fast. Unable to use it on a cruise (during cruising) but signal resumed on all shores. Returning the package is very easy as the instruction is clear.

Very easy to use service. They had simple instructions to follow for installing the SIM and profile, and the return was as simple as giving the envelope to the hotel desk staff to post for me upon leaving. I've used CD Japan for several trips now, they're my "go to" service for a data plan while in Japan.

Device used:
iPhone XS Max

I've used this service twice, and each time been very satisfied with the ease of the whole process. I compared an overseas plan with my cell phone service provider, and found it more expensive for the access I wanted, and rented a portable WiFi from CD Japan. I had no issues or connectivity problems at all with this device, and as I was meeting with friends at a concert, I was happy to share my WiFi with them since the "free" service at the venue was bogged down. I have recommended CD Japan to overseas travelers before, and will continue to do so.

The full rental experience was very smooth. No line at the post office at the airport and very fast pick-up and deposit. We rented the no limit pocket wi-fi for 16 days and we never were out of line: place visited include Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, Osaka, Miyajima and Hakone. I really appreciated the notification e-mail during the trip. As you may understand, internet is essential for non japanese speaking, and with CDJapan we could focus on the trip and enjoy Japan!

ze doen wat ze beloven en het werkt gewoon erg makkelijk. WifiBox was er op het afgesproken moment. Duidelijk instructie (incl. FAQ), retourenvelop aanwezig. Snelle verbinding en altijd bereik gehad. Totaal geen opmerkingen. Ik ben zeer tevreden.

Device used:
Iphone 8 MQ6G2ZD/A

The process of renting is very easy. Had an easy time collecting the item from the post office at NRT and returning back on the post box in Kansai airport. The battery lasted for a long time. The wifi was very fast. I was very happy with CDJapan.

Was a very user friendly experience that I would recommend to anyone traveling in Japan.

I was generally pleased with the service.

Device used:
iPhone SE MLM72VC/A

I had good internet all the time. Very easy to use.

Device used:
Samsung S9

Fantastic response times and professional, friendly service.

The pocket wifi rental is an excellent service. Item was waiting for me at my hotel and worked right away. Had constant service throughout my entire trip, and kept me connected to the internet at all times.

Really useful gadget to have when travelling around japan. No problems with the wifi box. Always high speed internet and the pick up, renewal and drop off processes were simple. Recommend!

Quick, convenient, reasonably-priced and instructions are easy to understand. I have many overseas visitors and I only use CDJapan SIM cards and devices. Users must just make sure there is no theft protection or other form of SIM lock enabled on their device before they come!

Fantastic service. Easy to order, use, great range of coverage, great battery life, strong and stable wifi. I would recommend this to anyone travelling to Japan!

Device used:
Google Pixel

Excellent value for money. No blind spots even in remote areas!

Device used:
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.5

Good service. Device arrived as scheduled and with clear instructions on how to set up and use. Solid and stable wifi connection achieved, even in car. Convenient return service too. Perhaps a little costly, at just over JPY600 per day. That’s the only criticism I can think of.

the wifi device has some quirks and in my experience worked best in bluetooth mode. just having the wifi on would mean that in long periods without activity the router would sleep, and had to be manuall reactivated and re paired. I noticed a number of occasions where wifi connection wasn't actually working also. with Bluetooth pairing, the phone kept the wifi router on more reliably, and connected with less fuss, although the connection over wifi was much faster... but good over all and helped me get around Japan on my stay

Nice coverage and signal was very good at most places.

Received the response in a timely manner. Very good customer services.

The wifi device was delivered on time to our hotel only 2 days after having ordered it. Instructions were simple and clear, worked perfectly the whole trip.

Strong connection, however didn’t work while underground on the subway. Also sometimes had to hold the power button down for 20+ seconds to turn it on/off.

Loved the portable wifi. It was useful and provided a generous amount of data for me and my partner during our 2 week trip. Will definitely rent again.

It was a very efficient service and the internet option purchased worked successfully with a fast stvic and even worked on the subways in Tokyo and Kyoto which I guess is also down to Japan Infrastructure. Would definitely use again if come to Japan again and price was very reasonable for service offered.

Device used:
iPhone 8 and iPad Air 2

The rental wifi unit form CDJapan was perfect. It provided fast and reliable wifi unit, was easy to carry and charge, and there were straightforward ordering and return processes. Most importantly, the rental was at a reasonable price. Very pleased with the overall experience!

Device used:
iPhone 8 MQ7Q2LL/A

Easy to pick up at airport. Easy to connect. But found battery would not last the day we were out, had to always recharge whilst out which added worry

Very satisfied with this service. It's the second time I've used it. Due to flight problems, I was not able to pick it up from the airport and they send it to my apartment, extending my period to compensate. And I had no problems extending my rental period. Very professional and prompt.

Fantastic. Delivered in time. Device worked perfectly and was very reliable in all locations in Japan (Tokyo, Nikko, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka).

Everything works very good and was well organised, but the battery didn’t last very long that said I did get the cheapest one.

It’s a great service. Don’t change anything!

Great service! Everything is super clear and easy to use! Also, the return of the devices is made very easy with the return envelope! Thank you & we will definitely use your services again.

I had a trip by Japan with my family. We was triping from Narita Airport to Kagoshima by train and was staing in several cities. 4 android phones were connected all the time. Battery of our Pocket wi-fi was providing about 10 hours continiously working! We had no problems with connection on all our path, coverage area is good! May be one or two times Internet was unavaliable for 3-5 minutes (but i think it was because of network, device was ok). To the end of trip used traffic was about 45 Gb :) and speed was always high! Thanks CDJapan - I recommend this service for using. Our trip was convinient with CDJapan. And at the end of the trip I just drop delivery package to the mail box at airport :) (it was free of charge because envelope to send was in CDJapan package).

Very good service and product

I first used CDJapan rental service back in 2016. Since then it has become my go to shop for SIM Cards or Pocket WiFi rental during my holidays in Japan. Good service, competitive price and very easy to use and return. Already recommended to my friends visiting Japan!

Device used:
Sony Xperia Compact

Pick up and return methods are just fine. An app for android setting would be perfect.

Device used:
Galaxy S6

The service worked great! I've used it for two trips to Japan now, and I plan to use it on my future trips, as well.

Simple to use. Pocket WiFi was waiting for us at the hotel and the free postage envelope is straightforward to send the WiFi back at the end of our holiday. This is my second time using this service and I will definitely use again on my next visit to Japan. WiFi was fast and we had plenty of data.

Very efficient service Pick up and return via post is seamless Speed and bandwidth of the wireless was outstanding No issues experienced

It is reliable and Not too expensive, but the speed is very slow. It is ok for navigating and messaging but you can’t watch videos or upload or download large files as it is too slow.

Very helpful, very easy to use.

I have used CD Japan service several times and have always been satisfied with the service

Device used:
Sony L1

Great service and coverage as usual! This is my fourth time to use CDJapan, and it's never failed me!

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD

Wouldn't travel without this. It was critical to navigating Tokyo and Kyoto, and made it much easier for us to find what we needed on the fly. Device functioned flawlessly. Battery life could have been an issue because I did express shipping so didn't get the backup battery, but did bring my own pocket charger. Device was at my hotel at check-in and simple to return.

Good service, good communication, easy setup and easy return. Thoroughly recommended.

Easy to redeem and super convenient to use. Happy customer here!

Great coverage and fast service as always! Will never stop recommending this to family and friends.

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD

Satisfied with the service. Sim card well delivered to the requested hotel address and right on time. Instructions took some time to figure out to activate the sim card. Maybe the instruction steps can be made more simple. Since this is for data/internet - could not do text message as my original simcard, but good enough to get connected.

Device used:
Huawei P20 Pro

Fast and very reliable at all times. Third time using this service and no problems.

convenient for foreigner who need to use WIFI service in Japan. I use in several part of Japan (from Ibaraki to Gifu and pass the other prefecture), it is a good response, long live battery.

Thank you again for another satisfactory rental!

It was very easy. I picked it up at the airport, turned it on, and I connected to the WIFI. It surely covered all the days I was in Japan. It saved me lots! I'm using this service again when I come back this March for the Sakura season. Thank you CD JAPAN!

Device used:

Everything worked like a charm! I am very happy with how easy renting and using the device was, also as warned the device I rented didn't always work when inside buildings, but when outside everything was a-okay

Great efficient service. Second time we have used and as reliable as ever.

Excellent product and worked well on our trip

Great service. SIM delivered on time and contains everything you need for quick set up. Return envelope is very convenient.

Device used:
iPhone 7

Super easy - wifi was waiting for us at our hotel and we dropped it off at the airport. No hassle, and it was super handy for our trip around Japan.

Great service, device worked very well and served our needs perfectly.

The device was delivered to the hotel (in Osaka) on time as requested. Returning it by dropping off at a post box at Haneda Airport was easy. The device battery was good and most of the time, it could last for a day. Couple of time, we needed to use it with a power bank. Regarding the wifi performance, we didn't see any issue while using in Osaka. But, in Kyoto, we did see connection dropped in higher ground (like top floor of Kyoto Station) and Arashiyama area. In Toyko, several drops were experienced at subway.

Was very easy to pick-up. The first time around I used it, I didn't feel the internet was slow even after the 110MB limit a day (2016). However, this time there was a significant difference. I was prepared for it so it was OK. It is still good value for money, especially since most other providers do not allow you to extend past 2 weeks. It also worked on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Device used:
LG G7 ThinQ LM-G710EMW

Great service and easy to use!

Device used:
iPhone 6s

I was really happy with the service. Good speed and not at all difficult to use. Sometimes I'd lose the signal indoors but not for long.

Great service for a great price!

Fantastic service..I did have a hiccup however when the service dropped out for most of a day,but I got a very quick response when I complained.

Device used:
Android lg

Very good service. good service, fast delivery of rental equipment

This was my 12th time in Japan, and I have always been very happy with the mobile wifi I rented from CDJapan. I have tried a few other brands over the years and some of them have been very disappointing. CDJapan has always worked fast and reliable. The usage limits are clear and the speeds are as expected from 4G/LTE. I usually take their highest tier and it works flawlessly all day long, even for watching Netflix or other intensive usage. Highly recommend when going to Japan.

Device used:
Apple iPhone XS max

it was good as usual but sometimes very long to load.

Device used:
iphone xs max

Easy to use simcard. Just need to insert and follow the instructions given in the packet. Do be careful of the daily limit. The speed slows down quite abit after limit is reached. Only thing to note is signal might not be very good if deep underground like in trains or basement of building.

Device used:
Oppo AX5

Awesome ! I will use it everytime I'll go to Japan from now on !

Device used:
Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960F/DS 64GB

I am very satisfied of having ordered this rental through you. The device arrived to my hotel on time and worked perfectly. It was very useful for me, specially to find directions and the connection was perfect everywhere. I really would recomend you to use this service!! Thank you very much and best regards.